Home Tuition Is Becoming the New Trend in Singapore

Home tuition, Singapore is the concept of having a home tutor travel to your home and teach your child. This idea has spread through the world and turned into a billion dollar industry in many developing countries such as Singapore. The question though is why home tuition has become so popular.

Singapore as a centre for learning Excellency

Singapore has become known as a nation that focuses on the education of its people. Its examination standards and academic curriculum are renowned for their difficulty and explains why its local examinations are often held as a standard internationally. However with educational standards rising every year the parents of students and students themselves are finding it harder and harder to keep up. Schools need time to adapt and evolve their systems to become more sufficient and holistic. It really is no wonder the home tuition,Singapore industry is a billion dollar market.continue reading from http://blogs.thenews.com.pk/blogs/2015/07/education-for-the-elite-private-tuition-culture-on-the-rise/

Why tuition at home?

Schools often do not provide what all students need to do their best creating a strong need for home tuition, Singapore. The major problem with schools everywhere including those in Singapore is that they create an education that is pretty much one size fits all. This is a problem when there may be up to 40 students in a class that all learn differently and need one on one attention. Those with different learning styles from the rest of the class are often left out and their education suffers as a result. This is where home tuition comes into play; they can give one on one attention and develop the child to their full potential.

Tuition centres as a learning aid

There are not many tuition centres that can offer one on one tutoring. They can however lessons in small groups of approximately five to ten pupils. Such learning centres can be beneficial to a student but are not as successful as those which let a child learn alone. Children in fact learn best when taught alone. Having group tuition can defeat the object of seeking home tuition in the first place. If you want to try this method though contact a tuition agency, Singapore to get details of centres near you.

Advantages of home tuition

Home tuition, Singapore has many advantages.

Home tuition rather than centre tuition means that students and parents can save time by not having to travel anywhere for their study sessions. Parents can also rest assured that their children are being tutored in the comfort and safety of their own homes. This can be especially important to parents who have employed a tutor of the opposite sex to their child. Private tuition is also often sourced through tuition agencies which are common place. This means parents can experiment with different tutors and find the best match.

Home Tuition

Both parents and students are starting to appreciate and make use of home tuition whether it be through a tuition agency, Singapore or privately. Home tuition is definitely the best option (http://www.dailyprogress.com/news/education/tuition-fees-average-percent-increase-at-virginia-colleges/article_a3efbdc2-3ae3-11e5-abe6-77293153c478.html) when it comes to seeking outside school educational help for your child.


Private Tuition, Does it help?

Private tuition, Singapore is a huge industry and it is estimated that Singaporeans spend more on it than they do actual school fees. The question then that needs to be asked is if all that money being spent is worth it? Does private tuition actually work?

Who engages private tutors?

Relevant studies which were conducted in Hong Kong looked at six schools in the local area. They found that the highest proportion of private tuition, Singapore users were those in higher forms. He also found those that had higher educated parents were more likely to receive private tuition. This however could just be linked to the fact that higher educated parents have higher incomes and hence have more money to spend on their child’s education. Indeed households with higher incomes tended to spend more on their children’s education all round.

Does private tuition help?

Relevant studies looked at the impact of private tuition, Singapore on the performance of high school students in the national university admissions test. It was found that on average a 10% increase in spending on private tuition improved test performance by 0.56%. This of course does not take into account that some students are just more intellectually capable than others.get details now!

Can private tuition help?

Private tuition has been shown to help students who may not learn in traditional manners. These students may have become disillusioned with school and schooling and may even be refusing to go. Private tuition can help in these cases as the learning is one on one and can be catered to suit the individual child’s needs. By contacting a tuition agency, Singapore you can ensure that the student accesses the type of education they require.

How do you ensure private tuition works?

You can ensure that private tuition works in the best possible way by putting your needs into the hands of a tuition agency, Singapore. In order to find what you need the tuition agency will need as much information as possible off you.

They will need to know your personal information, what subjects the child needs help with, gender of the tutor you require, what days and hours you require a tutor, what you can afford and information about your child. Once you have given them this they will strive to find you the suitable tutor. When they have they will probably present you with a list of tutors for you to contact and determine from which is the best for you.

Private Tuition

Whether private tuition, Singapore works or not is all rather dependent on what you wish to gain from it. If you want guarantees that your child will pass every exam they are ever faced with and go on to become a rocket scientist or top neurosurgeon then private tuition may or may not work. However if you are just looking for your child to achieve the best possible level of education they can then private tuition could definitely work for you.see more info from the website:http://blogs.thenews.com.pk/blogs/2015/07/education-for-the-elite-private-tuition-culture-on-the-rise/


The Role of Tuition in Your Child’s Education

Today we live in a highly competitive world, one in which we cannot take for granted the role of a good educational background. Whatever a person decides to do in life an in depth knowledge and expertise is needed. This is due to the meteoric rise of technological advancement in the past few decades and as a result information has become a major factor in adapting to this world. When it comes to education, standard is not always enough, we may need to turn to private tuition, Singapore.

It goes without saying in the world that we live in that a pro-active approach is needed when it comes to the stimulation and development of individuals. Lifelong learning is the main objective and home tuition, Singapore can help achieve this. For example those students who have different learning aptitudes to others may benefit from private tuition as a non-traditional method can be undertaken to teach them.

Educational Experiences That Are Enriched
School can be a devastating experience for children who are academically challenged. If this matter is not dealt with it will affect your child’s learning and cause education to be a gruelling experience for them. Some children may respond by a refusal to attend classes and we should deal with this before it happens. This is where private tuition, Singapore comes into play. Exploring this avenue could result in enhancing your child’s education as well as reinforcing a positive educational experience.see this website now!

Confidence Development

Home tuition, Singapore can address the issues that a child with low confidence because of their academic challenges may face. Showing them through alternative learning that they are capable of being academic will work wonders for their confidence, as well as helping them learn.

Create a Desire for Continuous Learning

Children who find themselves developing problems at school often find that they lose the desire to learn and develop an apathy towards school and schooling. If this happens private tuition, Singapore can be the way forward. It can avert this situation and provide a way that your child can actually be stimulated. A positive and conducive experience of learning such as can be gained from private home tuition often boosts desire for continued learning.

Home tuition, Singapore performs many important roles including those listed above. This is especially true for those children who are not well suited to learning in the traditional classroom setting. It may be noted at this point that the need for private tuition does not indicate any learning deficiency in your child, just that they learn differently from the majority.read more from http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri/other-news/APJ-Abdul-Kalam-cared-for-childrens-education-across-the-world/articleshow/48304560.cms

Child’s Education

Private tuition is easily accessed either by searching for a private tutor or contacting a tuition agency. Usually the latter is the preferred option as they can search a good fit for your needs for you. Just be sure to know exactly what it is you need from a home tutor before you contact the agency as they will need all the details you can provide.


Hiring Tutors in Singapore: How Much is Too Much?

Parents want the best for their children at all times, but especially when it comes to their schooling. If a child is not achieving as well as they might many parents opt to get them private tuition, Singapore. This is more apparent at times like examinations such as PSLE or O levels and stress levels are high as everyone tries to hire the best.

How much should tuition cost?

In general private tuition, Singapore fees depend on five factors. The first is whether the tutor is private or from an agency. Secondly is the qualifications of the tutor you pick. Thirdly the cost will vary on the hours that you want the tutor for. Fourth is whether you wish the tutor to travel to your home or you are going to travel to them and lastly, the school grade of the student.

Agency V private tutor

In general private tutors are MOE (Ministry of Education) teachers who cannot provide hometuition, Singapore for more than six hours per month. They are not allowed to register as an employee of a tuition agency and as such are private tutors. Because of these factors, being a teacher and having limited hours, they can expensive, upwards of $70 an hour. This is even at upper primary level. Agency tutors though stick to a market rate which is usually a lot cheaper than the private tutor.read more from http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150803006440/en/Families-Embrace-Sydney%E2%80%99s-Private-In-Home-Tutoring-Franchise#.VcFr0rVRoSY

Agency Costs

The cost of private tuition, Singapore when going with an agency will vary depending on the student’s grade level. The average cost of primary 1 – 3 is $15 – $18 per hour, primary 4 – 6 is $18 – $20, secondary 1 – 2 is $22 – $25, secondary 3 – 5 is $25 – $30 and junior college from $35 – $40 per hour.

Tutor Qualifications

It is usual that home tuition, Singapore costs the same whether the tutor is a diploma or degree holder. Tutors who hold a NIE (National Institute of Education) qualification however often charge fifty percent above the market rate. Tutors who are currently teaching in schools though may go as high as double the market rate. Something else to take into account is industry relevance. This is related to the industry that the tutor of your choice is currently working in. As an example if you get an accountant to teach your child maths, or a physicist to teach science. Whatever the purpose industry relevance can increase the cost by fifty percent over the market rate.

Hours involved and travel

Tutors rarely charge a monthly fee anymore, it is not feasible when home tuition, Singapore plans are mainly one hour a week unless exams are approaching. Many tutors also provide free homework correcting time, usually giving a half hours free tuition a month. Some tutors however may charge more for tutoring on a weekend, though this is uncommon.continue reading here!

Travel costs should be borne by the tutor but this may not always be the case. Most tutors however will simply turn down a case that is too far away. If you want a particular tutor though you may need to offer travel expenses as an incentive. Some tuition agencies however have their own classrooms and centres. If this is the case you may be offered a slight discount on fees but no more than ten percent. Private tutors also sometimes teach in their own homes and the slight discount may apply here also.

Hiring Tutors in Singapore

When it comes to private tuition, Singapore it really is up to the individual to decide how much is too much to pay and how much is enough. There is no right and wrong in which way you go be it private tuition or a tuition agency. You just need to decide what is best for you and your child.get details from:http://frankltuition.sg/